About Us


Making utah a Better Place For All of Us

Our Story

The Utah African American Chamber of Commerce was founded in 2009 by James Jackson III. We saw a need to develop a platform where Black Utahns and other minority-owned business owners could come together and create the network and resources necessary to help the advancement of all black-owned businesses.

The organization was formerly known as ACCEL (African Americans Advancing in Commerce, Community, Education, and Leadership) and was renamed and rebranded as the Utah African American Chamber of Commerce (UAACC) in January 2014. That change has been overwhelmingly well-received by the public and has raised the awareness of the chamber in the community.

In 2020 the Utah Black Chamber secured more than 60K dollars to build the Black Success Center.

More than 200 individuals, small businesses, organizations, and corporations have become members of the chamber and pledged to aid in the success of Black Utahns.

By 2045, more than 51% of the US population will be diverse and comprised of Black, Brown and Multiracial individuals

As of the 2012 census, more than 37,111 individuals make up Utah’s Black Population

A Letter from the Board

Dear Members and Leaders in our Community,

We began this journey to not only foster a more diverse workforce in our state, and a more inclusive atmosphere for Black Utahns, but to bring more value to our members to improve and expand their businesses.

Our leadership team is committed to supporting local businesses in any way possible with meaningful services, workshops, training, and conferences. We hope that together, we can create programs that help those you serve, employ, and work alongside, so all can benefit from the resources that will elevate their personal and professional brands. 

We also hope to be the critical resource center and knowledge share for people of color in Utah, and to effectively promote professional education that enables black Utahns to experience a more fulfilling life within our communities.

The best way to grow and elevate our communities is through collaboration; therefore, we encourage you to get involved with our Chamber’s initiatives. Join a Committee, become a member, participate in as many events as you can, establish relationships, visit the Chamber, and ultimately grow your business alongside us.

Let’s keep Utah’s economy strong.

Let’s build a better Utah for us all!

James Jackson, III, Founder & Executive Director