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CJ Drisdom

“As long as we keep teaming up and bringing in people who maybe have a different mindset or who are maybe smarter than you or me, we’re making progress. I surround myself with people who are just better than me, always. You can’t be in the room with me if you’re not better than me at something. I want to learn. I want to be better. We hurt ourselves by not allowing people around us who are better than us.

Oftentimes, I tell people now, I’m not competing against you, and because I’m not competing against you, I’m competing against myself. There’s a better me to be had. If we just concentrate on ourselves, that makes us better individuals. Then you can bring that to the table.”

Alyssha Dairsow

“I knew I was going to be staying here a lot longer than expected and thought, ‘How am I going to make my presence here?’ ‘What am I going to find to do outside of my comfort zone?’ ‘How am I going to make friends with people that I may not have the same background as, whether that’s faith-wise, or just community involvement?

I’ve learned a lot about myself and what I need to do to thrive in a place like Utah.

Utah is unlike any state that I’ve ever lived in or been to. You can definitely make your mark here, even if you’ve only been here for a short amount of time.”


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The Utah Black Chamber was created as a safe space for Black professionals to feel included, thrive, and elevate each other. We also exist to foster an inclusive community full of opportunities for all.

Even if you do not identify as Black, we want you to receive an invitation to our community as a multi-channel guest with access to #announcements, #jobs, #events, and #allies where you are welcome to share resources, events, or job postings.

With your support, the Utah Black Chamber can become a stronger & more valuable community for Blacks in Utah.

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  • Donate to our charitable organization: Black Success. Center
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  • Advertise your Black-Owned business in the Utah Black Pages.

We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game

“If you don’t think that a community this small needs you, you’re wrong. The community needs you.”

Brandon Day

“It’s exciting to see the way it’s growing. Employment opportunities are becoming much richer and more vibrant. We have tech companies coming into town, a hospital system that is growing, and all of the jobs that follow those growing industries. There’s so much opportunity here.”

France Davis II

“To see that group of people become more diverse—you know, Black, gay, and lesbian—to see the shift of that and to have all those people here and wanting the entire community to thrive, that’s the most important thing to me overall.”

Mikell Brown

"Joining the Chamber afforded me the opportunity to develop my professional skills, scale my brand, and find a supportive community that I did not know existed beforehand."

Karen Rodriguez La Paz