Our Mission & Approach

We are committed to being the key resource for success to the black community throughout the state of Utah by seamlessly facilitating opportunities that empower and effectively develop networking for community members.

Our goal is also to provide insight into the black experience for the benefit of the corporate community seeking diverse candidates while offering diverse implants the resources and knowledge base to experience a more fulfilling life in Utah. We execute this mission by servicing the community through the 4 Es; Education, Enrichment, Equity, and Enterprise.

Through strategic partnerships with government agencies, corporations, and community members, we will continue to empower and strengthen the foundation of black businesses and provide growth pathways that enrich and embolden community members to be their best selves.


Access to education and adequate capital remains a limiting factor for the expansion of black-owned businesses. We are committed to building a vibrant economy by encouraging economic achievement, entrepreneurship, and a commitment to professional and academic excellence through various educational programs and certifications.


We want to help black business leaders achieve excellence in and out of the workplace. Hence, we’re committed to building spaces, both in-person and digital, for people to come together, improve their networks, and develop the professional resources necessary to grow their businesses and brands.


Our core focus is to empower Utah companies, organizations, and individuals with the necessary tools to encourage pay parity, diverse ecosystems, and equal opportunities. We want all businesses to have the infrastructure needed to ensure their workforce takes full advantage of the diverse talent in our state, as well as those who desire to move here.


We’re continuing our commitment to helping Utah businesses, large and small, succeed. As such, we leverage our role as a statewide organization to provide technical belonging assistance training to our members, facilitate the sharing of best industry practices and provide specialized leadership and networking opportunities to our members.



The UBC advocated for legislation that promotes small business funding and growth, particularly policies that address the challenges of Black business owners in Utah. We maintain a bipartisan approach to advocacy and collaborate with policymakers from all political affiliations to advocate for policies that best serve the interest of the Black community in our state.